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Stop worrying about increasing interest rates.

“We accept referrals and offer a small stipend if we can fund the business that was referred.”

Simple. We are the best. We want to become your friend in the business. Since we are the best we aren’t afraid to have a little fun. Our Loan Originators have closed a minimum of 400 loans prior to starting here. What that means to you is the best advice on mortgage financing bar none. So to answer the question: Why First US Funding? Work with the Best, have a little fun, make a new friend, it’s a no-brainer!

Flexible Repayment Terms

First US Funding chooses lending partners based on many factors, one of which is their flexibility on repaying a loan or advance.The average term among our network of lenders ranges from 6 to 10 months. Depending on the type of loan or advance you choose and the amount borrowed, repayment terms range from a few months up to two years.

Competitive Rates

As a business owner, you work hard to keep expenses at a minimum in order to keep your business profitable. The factor rate on a cash advance can become a problematic expense if you don’t take the time to find the lowest rate available. We have a network of lenders that allows you to shop for the best rate to fit your budget. We work hard to offer the most competitive rates, allowing you to keep more of the profits you work so hard to earn.

Fixed Cost Rates

As an alternative to interest accrued based on an annual percentage rate, or APR, many of our lenders offer advances with a fixed cost. There are a number of factors that are taken into consideration when calculating the fixed cost, including you and your business, and the funding product you choose. On average, the fixed cost can range from 12 to 40 cents per each dollar funded.

Lower Your Mortgage Interest Rate

When interest rates are low, it’s a good time to consider refinancing your home mortgage. Securing a lower interest rate and monthly payments could mean significant savings on your mortgage over the lifetime of the loan. Let FirstUSFunding’s experienced team help you make the best choice for refinancing your home loan.