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There is a big difference between a Merchant Cash Advance & a Small Business Loan. Find out the difference and why so many merchants are choosing this type of financing over a loan.

Merchant Cash Advance

A Merchant Cash Advance is a business loan alternative that is actually a sale. Our clients are selling us their future business at a discount in order to receive cash now. This advance of funds is driven by a percentage of future sales which are used to payback the initial advance.

First Us Funding gives your business an initial cash advance

The amount First Us Funding funds your business and the amount you pay back are agreed upon at the very start


A small percentage of your total sales is taken as repayment

It doesn’t matter if it takes you 5 weeks, 5 months or 1 year to pay us back because you still pay back the same amount


Once you are fully paid off, you go back to receiving 100% of your sales

Everything will go back to normal except you now have increased cash flow and a more valuable and profitable business


The Differences between a Cash Advance and a Loan

Small Business Loan Merchant Cash Advance
High interest rates No fixed interest rateWe take a small, predetermined percentage of your sales
Complicated, binding contracts FlexibleYou’ll always have the operating funds to run your business
Long waits for approval Quick and easyYou’ll know within 24 hours
Must have good credit for collateral Bad credit is okayNo collateral, no personal guarantee & no min. credit score

Your Business Does Not Need to Process Credit Cards

In our effort to address this issue, First Us Funding has partnered with 2 of the banks that we do a large volume of business with, and created the “Bank Only ACH Program”. This is especially for businesses that don’t accept credit card payments.